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Thinking About Which Brokerage to Join in WA?

If you are a seasoned Broker or one just starting out, you will want to find a brokerage that works best for you.  You might like to have a brokerage with private office space, or with downtown feel, or lots of training and or maybe one close to where you live.  Or you might be looking for a brokerage that has the best commission splits or caps so you bring home more money in each sale.  No matter what your reason for popping onto our website today, we are glad you did!!

You can learn all about what makes Triwood Realty a fantastic brokerage and how you can truly bring home more money with each sale than a traditional brokerage. 

Here are just some of the things that you won't find at Triwood Realty:

  • NO Franchise Fee!
  • NO Royalty Fees!
  • NO High Splits
  • NO High CAPS
  • NO Gimmicks and Promotional Rates
  • NO Association Dues/Fees

Want to know what you will find at Triwood Realty?  Click around on our website to check out our compensation plans, our benefits, our recent sales and more.  Feel free to call our office at (425) 903-8900 to ask any questions or to arrange for a confidential meeting with our brokers.